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If you are viewing this website, you are likely going through a bad time.  Or, someone you care about is suffering.


A divorce is not the end of a family.  It's a transition and there are different ways to approach this transition.  Collaborative Divorce is a process which provides legal, financial and emotional support while YOU make the decisions.   Both you and your spouse make a commitment to stay out of Court and work with your Collaborative Team to reach agreements that work for both of you and your children. 


A Mediated Divorce is also a way for transitioning families.  This process provides legal guidance and assistance, but does not usually include the emotional and financial assistance offered in a Collaborative Divorce.   However, both you and your spouse work with your legal professionals to reach beneficial agreements. 


A Litigated Divorce is the traditional way of ending a marriage, but pays little attention to the thoughtful transitioning of families.   Numerous Court appearances may be required, and you will have little control over decisions because they will be made by the Judge.  


A Do It Yourself Divorce is also a possible way to transition your family.  This process requires you to complete your paperwork and appear without counsel at court hearings. 


No matter what your family law issue may be, we will guide you through the process with focus and wisdom to keep the costs down, and spare you and your family unnecessary heartache.   We offer professional assistance in all four of the above models.   


If all you need is assistance in preparing the required legal documents, California Family Law Options, LLC, provides the forms and guidance in completing them without representation by an attorney.  It is a low cost alternative for people who cannot afford representation, but want help with their forms.